Thursday, October 25, 2012

What are trace switches?

Trace switches helps us to control and govern the tracing behavior of a project. There are two types of trace switches ‘BooleanSwitch’ and ‘TraceSwitch’. BooleanSwitch, as the name says, is a kind of on/off switch which can be either enabled (true) or disabled (false).

‘TraceSwitch’ on the other hand offers more options rather than simple true/false like ‘BooleanSwitch’. Tracing is enabled for a TraceSwitch object using the Level property. When we set the Level property of a switch to a particular level, it includes all levels from the indicated level down. For example, if you set a TraceSwitch’s Level property to TraceLevel.Info, then all the lower levels, from TraceLevel.Error to TraceLevel.Warning, will be taken in to account.

Below are the various levels in ‘TraceSwitch’ object.
Off a Outputs no messages to Trace Listeners

Error a Outputs only error messages to Trace Listeners

Warning a Outputs error and warning messages to Trace Listeners

Info a Outputs informational, warning and error messages to Trace Listeners

Verbose a Outputs all messages to Trace Listeners


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